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Road To Emmaus

by: Timothy Fowler



(Read Luke 24:13-35)

It hardly matters what the topic is or how crazy the opinion, someone on social media will agree with it.

When going through difficult times, we often post on social media looking for affirmation or seeking advice. No matter how foolish the decision, someone will eventually affirm what I wanted to do or hear to begin with.

I can always find an excuse for behaviors and thinking in other, probably well intended, people. Therein lies a major problem; it is not that we encounter difficulty, it is who we run to when it comes.

Two men, walking on a road, headed… read more

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

by: Timothy Fowler



(Read Psalm 22)

Where is God? In our pain, anguish and frustration we may think these words; sometimes we even shout them aloud. But if I were to be brutally honest with myself, I would have to admit that, many times, my hurts are of my own doing.

The enemy loves to draw us into doing life our own way, and then blaming God for the consequences. Chaos and the stings of this world are brought about by our collective choices. It isn’t fun to think about our responsibility in creating it. We wonder where God is when we have pushed… read more

The Weight of Our Sin

by: Timothy Fowler



This is an olive press/crusher or, in Hebrew, a gethsemane. The weight of our sin was heavy on our Lord the night before it fell on him completely on the cross.

After a wheel extracted the juice, this instrument with large weights pressed the remaining oil from the olive. Gethsemane is not so much the official name of a place as it’s the place where this process occurred in the olive groves in the hills above Jerusalem.

Oh, the incredible weight of sin he bore for you and for me. It is no wonder that his sweat mixed with blood in deep… read more

The Hour Has Come

by: Timothy Fowler



(Read John 12:20-36)

A question floating around social media right now is “What is the first thing you will do once this (the quarantine for the pandemic) is over?” There a million answers. My wife answered that we would go out to eat for Taco Tuesday. I agreed, if for no other reason than she actually decided where she wants to go eat. We have weeks to go, however, and we will see if she changes her mind.

I am joking about this, of course, and I am glad to go eat anywhere with my wife (no bats or anything weird… read more

Spirit of Christ

by: Timothy Fowler



Losing control is a scary thing. Suddenly losing ability to move our arms or legs, if the brakes were to go out on our vehicle, or watching a friend or parent slowly lose control of their minds from a brain attacking disease are the kinds of thoughts that strike fear and deep emotion within us.

Yet we fool ourselves every day that we are actually in control. We aren’t. So many things are beyond our ability to influence, we are tempted to throw up our hands and give up.

In our souls, we are also controlled. We will be controlled by our… read more

Jesus Wept

by: Timothy Fowler



(Read John 11:1-45)

When I lived in Florida, we lived near the beach. Now some of you are thinking, why did you ever leave? Well, it’s a long story, but yes, I do miss it from time to time. The ocean is such a powerful force; its boisterous strength can be seen and heard while standing on its edge in the sand.

Those that frequent the waves know of an even more powerful force in the water. It is unseen but more deadly than the loud waters that rise and make themselves heard. It’s called the undertow or the rip current.

Hidden in… read more

Unfailing Love

by: Timothy Fowler



There are corners of my heart, far from the public eye, deep, hidden, out of view. Dark. They are so dark. I don’t mean the kind of dark that is a shadow of good that falls a little short. I mean dark, absent of light. Actually, I just lied there. They are the antithesis of light.

Bringing those tendencies into the light: lust, envy, despair, despising others, jealousy, or worse, total apathy, is the work of the Spirit. It was also the cost of the Savior. Publicly, shamefully, naked and in full view, Jesus brought into the light the hideous ugliness… read more


by: Timothy Fowler



I have a running joke that there is an 11th Commandment. It is “Thou shalt not creep Timbo out.” Of course, that’s bad theology, but I don’t like creepy things. I don’t watch horror movies or The Walking Dead, and I don’t care how “wonderful” the story line is. It’s creepy. I’m out!

Ezekiel’s vision from Ezekiel 37:1-14 definitely falls into the violation of the 11th Commandment camp. He has a vision of a valley full of skeletons; like Simba and Nala at the elephant graveyard in The Lion King Movie. Except, it’s people. Creepy! Oooh, Mufasa!

God had a point to… read more